Insurance Cover Summary

  • Personal Liability See Summary

    We will indemnify you up to the limit stated in your Insurance Schedule (which is inclusive of all costs and expenses) against legal liability for:

    (a) Bodily injury to any third parties other than your employees or members of your immediate family;

    (b) Damage to property belonging to others but not any property that is owned by or in the custody or control of you or your immediate family, arising from an accident occurring during the Operative Time.

  • Third Party Damage See Summary

    We will provide cover up to the limit stated in your Insurance Schedule for any loss or damage to the property of others that you may accidentally cause whilst attending a Fishing Event within the territorial limits.

  • Fishing Equipment See Summary

    We agree to pay or replace any Fishing Equipment up to the limit stated in your Insurance Schedule, owned by you (not hired, loaned or entrusted to you) that sustain direct physical loss (eg Theft) or damage caused.

    Fishing Equipment means Rods, Poles, Reels, Tackle, Bait, Bags, Trolleys, Clothing, and Accessories specifically designed and purchased for fishing.

    Equipment replacement is provided on a 'New for Old' basis for items up to 3 years old from purchase date and which were new at the time of purchase. Cover is provided subject to satisfactory proof of ownership up to the Sum Insured. Items that are older than 3 years or not new at time of purchase will be replaced on an indemnity value basis.

  • Personal Accident See Summary

    We provide cover for Personal Accidents to the limits stated in your schedule should you sustain an injury during the Operative Time whilst fishing.

    An Accident is defined as an external, sudden unexpected, unusual specific event occurring at a definable time and place. Cover provided under Personal Accident includes: Death, Loss of Limbs, Loss of Sight, Partial Loss of Sight and Permanent Total Disablement.

  • Dental Treatment See Summary

    We will pay you up to the amount of Dental, Surgical and Specialist Fees, Hospital, Surgical and Medical Requisites, up to but not exceeding in all the sum insured shown in your Insurance Schedule in respect of any dental injury sustained by you during the Operative Time and caused by an accident independent of any other cause.

  • Club Fee Reimbursement See Summary

    Where you have paid an annual amount for your Fishing Club membership subscription and you have become disabled whilst Fishing during the Operative Time due to an Accident, we will pay to your Fishing Club the monetary value of the unused and irrecoverable portion of your subscription for the remaining period to the end of the current membership year, up to the sum insured stated in your Insurance Schedule.

  • Match Entry Fee Reimbursement See Summary

    Where you have paid an entry fee for a recognised Fishing match and you have to cancel your attendance due to sickness or injury up to 14 days immediately prior to the event start date, we will pay any portion of the entry fee that is unused and deemed to be irrecoverable from the match organisers. This section shall only apply in the event of you being unable to fish and therefore attend the event.

  • Record Catch See Summary

    We agree to pay any amount up to the limit stated in the Insurance Schedule in the event you should achieve a (verified British) record catch from an inland waterway or gravel pit during the course of Fishing during the Operative Time.

  • Definitions See Summary

    Fishing is defined as being physically engaged in a continuous period of fishing at a fishing venue.

    Fishing Equipment means Rods, Reels, Poles, Tackle, Bait, Bags, Trolleys, Clothing, and Accessories specifically designed and purchased for fishing.

    Indemnity Value means the value of the article immediately prior to the loos or damage.

    Operative Time is the time that cover is granted with under the insurance policy for the purpose of fishing or attending a fishing event.

    Insurance Schedule your Insurance Schedule sets out the limits and scope of the insurance you have purchased.

Please note that the above is a brief summary of cover and should be read together with the full policy forms, conditions and exclusions, which are detailed within our Important Documents page. Insurance cover is available to residents of Great Britain, The Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and The Channel Islands, and is subject to the laws of England and Wales.

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