Your Policy Options

Total value of fishing equipment £ Please enter a valid number for your quote. Please note we can only insure up to a maximum total value of £15,000 on one policy.
Actual insured value £0.00
Charge £0.00
Discount - you pay: £0.00
Personal Liability £5m
Third Party Property Damage £2,500
Charge £5.00
Discount - you pay: £5.00
Loss of limbs£10,000£25,000£50,000
Loss of sight (total)£10,000£25,000£50,000
Loss of sight (partial)£5,000£12,500£20,000
Permanent total disablement£10,000£25,000£50,000
Dental treatment£300£500£750
Club fee reimbursement£100£500£1,000
Match entry free reimbursement£100£500£1,000

Policy Extensions

On Display in Vehicle Excess Waiver Worldwide Cover
Charge £0.00 £6.00 £0.00
Discount - you pay: £0.00 £6.00 £0.00

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