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Fishing Care Our Competitors
Tailor your own policy for your specific needs Set policy levels to choose from
£100 increments of equipment cover £500 or larger increments meaning you pay for higher cover than you might need
Up to £15k of equipment cover Most providers only offer £7.5k of equipment cover so you could end up paying out for the rest
On Display in the Vehicle cover available You're equipment is unlikely to be covered if on display - you'll end up paying out
£2k Record Catch Reward as standard Only £1k available
Up to £50k Personal Accident benefit available £25k maximum benefit offered

Some Anglers believe that a household insurance policy will provide them with the required protection; however most household insurers don’t cover your tackle when it’s away from your home. Making a claim under your household insurance policy may also increase your premium and affect your no claims bonus.

Fishing Care Typical Household Policy
Fishing Equipment Claim Excess £50 Standard Equipment Excess is usually £250 plus any voluntary excess you may add. Making some claims not worth pursuing
Fishing Equipment covered whilst in use Unless specifically applied to the policy your Fishing Equipment cover is generally at your home only
£5m Fishing Liability a £5 option Public Liability not usually available
Your renewal premium will not be affected as a direct result of a successful claim A successful claim in most cases would lead to a loss in no claims discount and increase in renewal premium

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